Erilia: The Price of Beauty

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RECENT EVENTS! (There are 12 months a year each named after one of the Gods, but for the following purposes, I shall use real world analogues, since they are just overlain flavour.)
December 5th 499 AU (After Unification of Istorius. Local timeline, but most useful one all things considered. Rakimites will call it 270 Shiradi, that being the ruling party of the time. Tablelanders don’t bother to keep dates. Too busy stabbing. For Ver Noktans it is the 284th year of Erathis. All further dates will just use the Istorian timeline.): Orange Island is attacked by a group of pirates, praising the King that Crawls, Torog. In the resulting devestation, a group of adventurers escapes with a priceless spyglass capable of revealing the locations of a series of divine artifacts. Gaston is elevated to the rank of governor, after the Master of the Port town disappears in the chaos.

December 31st 499/January 1st 500 AU: A Ver’Noktan Hobgoblin senator is murdered at the New Year’s Party in Solis, Istorius. Already strained relationships between the two states grow tauter, and rumour begins to spread that the Prince has taken a Half-Elf consort.

January 3rd 500 AU: Benito CXVI is named, his coronation taking place a week later, after his father’s body finally succumbs to the consumption.

January 10th 500 AU: A town in Rakim goes missing into a sinkhole. Unknown causes as of yet, though rumours abound of dragons on the coast.

January 11th 500 AU: A town in Istorius suffers from a similar fate, but the team dispatched to deal with the issue, including the new Orc ambassador Gurren Longfang, and the Princess Maria deal with the issue soundly, ascribing the problem to a far realm incursion. Whispers are heard of a cult to the Guide Star Caiphon in the area following the events.

January 15th 500 AU: The Lhok’Gar of the Thousand Isles perishes, and Vol Romogal is razed and expelled of bandits.

January 24th 500 AU: After the Lhok’Garin tournament, a group of adventurers crowns a Genasi known only as Mr B as the new Lhok’Gar. There is rumour of a cult practising animal sacrifice to keep the Guide Star in its place during long voyages in the isles shortly afterwards.

February 23rd 500 AU: King Benito XCVI proposes to his Half Elf Consort, revealed to the nation as ‘Izabella’. It is rumoured her father may be of a notorious criminal family, and there is word as to whether his daughter’s hand is some form of blackmail to the young King. The people are… disgruntled.

March 1st 500 AU: A group of adventurers help the rebuilding of Visenya, a great city of the Tablelands, by releasing a divine spark. It finds a home in Kurz, the Orc Philosopher. In light of this, he locks himself into the light-tower of Visenya, to meditate on how to responsibly take on this power. He leaves one of his students, the Thri-Kreen Alaya, to take his place as head of the Academy.



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